DIY: Turn Your Stickers Into Awesome Magnets!

Turning Stickers into Magnets blog

Don’t ruin a good fridge with your stickers! Just don’t do it. 

Instead, turn your stickers into cool magnets that you can slap onto your fridge or desk drawer or overhead bin at the office. 

I’ve pretty much exhausted all real estate on my laptop with my favorite stickers. I’ve used stickers on my phone case, notebooks, and even use unpeeled stickers as bookmarks ― I’m currently reading Stephen King’s IT and our cactus troll sticker was the lucky pick for this book. And, yes, I’ve peeled stickers and plastered them on my fridge before. So, if I suddenly sound like your mom or some after-school special, I do it because, at the risk of sounding momish, I’m only looking out for your best interest, mijo/a.

Convinced that you need more cool magnets in your life? Are you ready to take the plunge into creating your very own magnets? Follow these easy steps to turn your unused stickers into magnets. 

 Cutting out the Slater Sane sticker from the magnet sheet. 

Cutting out the Slater Sane sticker from the magnet sheet. 

  1. Head to your nearest craft or office supply store (Office Depot, for example) and buy a pack of magnet sheets. Printable sheets will work just as well for this project too. A pack will come with about five sheets. 
  2. Gather all your stickers you want to convert to magnets.
  3. Map out your stickers on the magnet sheet so that you fully utilize as much of the sheet as possible without waste. 
  4. Unpeel the sticker(s) and place them on the magnet sheet. (Pro-tip: You can place all the stickers on the magnet sheet at once, or place them one at a time. I found it was easier to cut around the stickers one at a time, but see what works best for you.)
  5. Use scissors to cut all around the edges of the sticker(s). 
  6. BOOM. Magnets. 

If you'd like to see a time-lapse video of the process, check out the video below.

Have fun turning your favorite stickers into magnets!