Follow Friday: 10 Accounts to Follow for Foodies

Follow Friday: Foodies

Happy Friday, y’all! You made it. You kicked the week in the conchas and didn’t look back. I like that.

It’s the first Friday of the month, and that means another rendition of #FollowFriday. Last month we covered 10 Accounts to Follow for the Social Drinker to help wet your whistles. This month, however, we're going to help whet those appetites with a topic that’s near and dear to our hearts and stomachs: Food!  

The culinary scene in San Antonio has exploded over the recent years and shows no signs of slowing down (thankfully). From Stone Oak to Southtown and Alamo Ranch to Alamo Heights, it seems like there’s always a new restaurant opening up in the city. I know ― how does one ever keep up, right? The answer: Instagram ― quite possibly the best medium to showcase the best of where and what to eat while also giving you hangry pangs in the process. (Helpful tip: Don't Insta-stalk a foodie on an empty stomach.) 

While scouring through social media in search of all the local foodies, I quickly discovered there were a lot more accounts dedicated to food than I had thought. These foodies are some of the best in the game and will help you find your way to savory bliss. Just be prepared to bring your hunger game (heh).   

Because of the smorgasbord of foodie accounts to choose from, we're gonna need to come back for seconds on this one (and we're totally OK with that). For this first installment, and without further ado (and because I’m already getting hungry), here are 10 local foodies you should be following (tap the photo to follow).   

¡Buen provecho!