Celebrate Elvis Week with our Spotify Playlist!

Elvis Week Spotify Music Playlist

Are you lonesome tonight? 

Uhh. . . . Then check out our Elvis Week 2016 Spotify Playlist if you're feelin' all shook up! We've featured all the Elvis classics (and then some) to keep even the most lonesome in solid company. So go ahead. It’s now or never.

All right I'll stop with the Elvis puns. 

Our playlist is inspired by Elvis Week, an annual celebration in Memphis in honor of the King of Rock 'n' Roll himself, Elvis Presley. This year the event, which runs August 10 – 16, will host various activities including tributes, concerts, contests, panel discussions, a 5K, and a candlelight vigil. If you’re an Elvis aficionado/a, this is the event not to miss! If you want to learn more about the events lined up for Elvis Week, check out the list of events from the official Graceland web site.

While we wish we could pay our tribute alongside thousands of Elvis fans in Memphis this week and next, we're glad we can at least jam out to some Elvis tunes from San Antonio.


Sources: Graceland.com

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