Follow Friday: 10 Accounts to Follow for the Social Drinker

 Photo: The "  A La Chingada  " at Rumble (Pisco, "Big Red" syrup, Orange zest, Soda water).

Photo: The "A La Chingada" at Rumble (Pisco, "Big Red" syrup, Orange zest, Soda water).

Thank the beer gods, it’s Friday! You made it through another week. Now it’s time to celebrate! . . . . Maybe with a few cold ones? Eh?

If the tumultuous work week has you feeling like you need to knock back a few, here are 10 perfect places to accomplish said task this weekend. Give these places a follow, have a cold one, and sit back and enjoy the weekend!


Burleson Yard Beer Garden


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Bar 1919

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Stay Golden Social House

Three Legged Monkey

The Looking Glass

The Ringer Pub

The Last Word