Gone But Not Forgotten: 5 Places We Miss in San Antonio

Many establishments in San Antonio have come and gone over the years. These are places we grew up with in our childhoods, spent countless time at with family and friends, and remind us of our past, especially in a city that continues to change and grow rapidly. These are places that brought us joy. These are places that were once a way of life for many of us who grew up in San Antonio. While these places are no longer with us in San Antonio's journey as a City on the Rise, we'd like to take a moment to remember some of the places that made San Antonio a great city to grow up in. 

Here are 5 places gone but not forgotten in SATX. 

Pear Apple County Fair

 Pear Apply County Fair (Photo:   Adventure Golf Services  )

Pear Apply County Fair (Photo: Adventure Golf Services)

Closed: 1997 

If you grew up as a kid in the '90s, then you'll probably have no trouble remembering the ever popular Pear Apple County Fair. The park ― which featured games, rides, a go-kart racetrack, and miniature golf courses ― was every kid's dream come true. I know I spent countless hours (and my parents, countless money, probably) at this place growing up. RIP Pear Apple County Fair. 

Karam’s Mexican Dining Room

 Karam's (Photo:   www.talesofcoppercity.com  ) 

Karam's (Photo: www.talesofcoppercity.com

 Closed: 1998

Karam’s was a staple Mexican restaurant on the west side of town for many years. My grandma used to live a few blocks from Karam’s, and I remember we would visit the restaurant often when I was a kid. The signature Mayan statues that graced the exterior were like neighborhood landmarks. Oh, and let's not forget that scenes from the Selena movie were filmed there too! RIP Karam's. 

Brackenridge Park Sky Ride

 Brackenridge Park Sky Ride (Photo:   www.utsalibrariestopshelf.wordpress.com  )

Brackenridge Park Sky Ride (Photo: www.utsalibrariestopshelf.wordpress.com)

Closed: 1999

Long gone are the days when you could take in the sights of downtown San Antonio and the Japanese Tea Garden by air. The sky ride at Brackenridge Park was a top attraction in San Antonio for over 30 years (and rides were just $0.50 when the ride opened). When the gondolas were taken down in 2002, each were sold for about $1,000. In fact, some gondolas currently reside inside Rackspace headquarters on the northeast side of town. RIP Brackenridge Sky Rides. 

Handy-Andy Supermarket

 Handy-Andy Supermarket (Photo:   www.sanantoniodailyphoto.blogspot.com  )

Handy-Andy Supermarket (Photo: www.sanantoniodailyphoto.blogspot.com)

Closed: 2012

Handy-Andy Supermarkets were popular back in the day, peaking in the ‘70s and steadily declining in the ‘80s and ‘90s. The supermarket’s iconic logo of a bald man wearing glasses was just as recognizable as McDonald's Golden Arches (or at least it felt that way). The supermarket sold most of its stores in the '90s and sold the last of its stores in 2012. RIP Handy-Andy.

Fatso’s Sports Garden

 Fatso's Sports Garden (Photo:   www.mysanantonio.com  )

Fatso's Sports Garden (Photo: www.mysanantonio.com)

Closed: 2016

Okay, I realize this one is recent, but it’s still worth mentioning. Fatso’s Sports Garden, a popular go-to sports bar on the city's west side for almost 30 years, shut its doors in late May. Fatso’s was almost always packed during major sports events, especially for Spurs games, during football season, and for volleyball tournaments in its own backyard. RIP Fatso's.