8 Spurs Memes We Love

Our beloved Spurs are down 3–2 to the Oklahoma City Thunder in the NBA Western Conference semifinals. There! It's been said. But the series is far from over, and we never count the Spurs out until all is officially said and done. If you need a silver (and black) lining (hehe), the Spurs wouldn't be the first team to come back from a deficit in a series. The Spurs are the best team in the NBA (obvs) and have some of the best memes in the league. Wait, what?!

The Internet and social media are constantly abuzz with sports memes poking fun at players, teams, and even coaches. But we’re not here to take jabs at anyone (although, if we were, we’d be looking at you, Westbrook). Instead, we decided to showcase some of our favorite Spurs memes that make us smile, laugh, and ― well ― damn proud to be Spurs fans, no matter win or lose.

Here are 8 Spurs memes that we love!  


We feel you, Timmy. Games get intense come playoffs. We've seen it all: close calls, wrong calls, no calls, dirty fouls, injuries, Joey Crawford. You name it. I think we can all relate to this one. My blood pressure is still coming down from Game 5.      

Any time you see a purple and gold jersey, you immediately make a face similar to Manu’s. It’s like a natural habit, sort of like breathing. These days the Spurs/Lakers rivalry may not evoke such contempt with Spurs fans as in years past (on account of the Lakers not being big contenders and other teams filling that role of rivalry), but we’ll never forget the infamous 0.04 second clutch shot by Derek Fisher . . . grrr.

We're gonna need a bigger cup! 

It's a good thing the Spurs are a great team that wins often. They set two franchise records this season with most wins (67) and most home wins (40) in a season. That's a lot of winning and FREE coffee (enough to probably fill up that giant cup)! I need my coffee in the mornings, so this works out perfectly.       

 Source:   quickmeme.com

What Pop wants, Pop shall get! It was only two years ago that coach Pop uttered the infamous liner ― and against OKC in the Western Conference Finals, no less ― that gained him national media attention. (Remember the shirt frenzy?) Did the line work? It did for that particular game. Let’s hope Pop can impart some more nasty wisdom on the Spurs come Game 6.

Someone get me Life Alert because I’ve fallen and can’t get up. The Spurs are admittedly not a slam dunk kind of team. But that’s okay. The Spurs don’t play that type of offense because they don’t need to. However, since Spurs forward Kawhi Leonard has joined the team, he’s occasionally graced us with some pretty nice dunks that fans are not used to seeing on the reg. So, whenever Kawhi dunks, you fall back in amazement.

Kawhi Leonard is a beast. He’s won back-to-back the NBA’s Defensive Player of the Year Award, and offensively he’s just as great too. And when Kawhi gets into his rhythm, he’s arguably unstoppable. From steals and rebounds to great overall shooting, you can’t help but give your best grito at the TV when Leonard makes an awesome play. Say it with me now, Kawhiiii-ay-ay-ay-AY!

Walter knows what’s up! He's a Spurs fan too . . . con mucho, mucho amor.  

Step aside, haters! When you have the support of Spurs Jesus and some Spurs-spirited nuns on your side, you've got more than just prayers, you've got the power of miracles too. Ahem. No pressure, Spurs Jesus, no pressure! 

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