Maverick Music Festival 2016

 Flier for Maverick Music Festival 2016 (Photo courtesy:   Facebook/MaverickMusicFest  )

Flier for Maverick Music Festival 2016 (Photo courtesy: Facebook/MaverickMusicFest)

With the announcement of this year’s official Maverick Music Festival lineup ― held on April 8 & 9 at La Villita ― festival-goers can expect another stellar weekend of jam-packed musical offerings from national and local artists. The festival, now in its fourth year, brings big-name acts such as The Flaming Lips, Public Enemy, The Church, and The Drums and local acts such as FEA, Calico Club, Alyson Alonzo, Yoshimoto, and DJs Ernest Gonzales and Diego Bernal. Get the full lineup here.

#TBT to that time we met John McCrea of Cake at @maverickfesttx! Looking forward to next year's lineup! #Cake #BarbacoApparel

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We’re stoked for the festival and to be able to participate as a vendor. If you remember from last year, we got to meet Cake lead singer John McCrea. And ― ahem ― not to mention, he specifically called our very own Nydia Huizar the Grim Reaper! It went down like this: (McCrea walks into the BarbacoApparel booth and surveys the merchandise. Turns to Nydia.)  "You're like the Grim Reaper!" That was certainly a first for us in reference to our calavera/Día de los Muertos–inspired merch. But, hey ― we'll take the compliment. Who might we run into this year?! 

To kickoff what’s sure to be a kick-ass weekend, we’ve each highlighted some artists we're pretty excited about. Be sure to stop by our booth between sets for some good times, cool swag (did we mention we have new tees and some rad stickers?!), y todo el [bean and] chisme!

Richard's Picks

The Drums (Friday, APR 8, 8:30 p.m. | Shiner Music Stage)

If you dug Best Coast at last year’s Maverick Music Festival, then you’ll probably dig The Drums. The Drums are very much one of indie’s finest, creating catchy, dream-pop melodies. I first discovered The Drums in 2012 shortly after the release of their sophomore effort Portamento and have been following their music ever since. Here’s a track from their most recent album Encyclopedia

Alyson Alonzo (Friday, APR 8, 5:40 p.m. | Arneson Stage)

San Antonio’s own Alyson Alonzo has been in the game for a minute, reminding locals that there’s still plenty of musical prowess happening in our city. She’s been likened to Amy Winehouse, and, with the undeniably great vocals and soul in Alonzo's performances, you can certainly understand why. BUT, you don’t have to take my word for it (Oh, LeVar Burton). Check out Alyson Alonzo in this video, and then be sure to check her out on the Arneson Stage for yourself. 

Nydia's Picks 

The Flaming Lips (Saturday, APR 9, 9:50 p.m. | Shiner Music Stage)

I didn’t become familiar with the Flaming Lips until I was in college (typical).

My first introduction to the band was in a car ride to McDonald’s with this guy who I’m 85% sure liked me (but I didn’t really know what to do with that information, so I just savored the music before things got awkward). A year later, a different guy left “Do You Realize??” in my voicemail, and I was like “Whoa. This is deep.” Suffice it to say, Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robot became an important part of my life’s soundtrack. Oh, did I mention I’ve seen lead singer Wayne Coyne’s blood at the Museum of Natural & Artificial Ephemerata in Austin? It’s pretty crusty.

The Church (Saturday, APR 9, 8:30 p.m. | Shiner Music Stage)

The first time I heard The Church was, again, when I was in college. At the time, I was really into bands like Echo & the Bunnymen and the Go-Betweens, so I naturally gravitated toward their dreamy, post-punk Australian sound. Check out these classics for size.

Matt's Pick

Public Enemy (Friday, APR 8, 9:50 p.m. | Shiner Music Stage)

Public Enemy: Formed in Long Island in 1982, Public Enemy is known for its politically charged, socially conscious lyrics. They've released numerous gold or platinum albums and even ranked number 44 on Rolling Stone's list of 100 greatest artists of all time. According to critic Stephen Thomas, "PE brought in elements of free jazz, hard funk, even musique concrète, via [its] producing team the Bomb Squad, creating a dense, ferocious sound unlike anything that came before."