5 local restaurants for great tacos


We all know tacos are an iconic staple food in San Antonio. Much like barbacoa and Big Red go perfectly hand-in-hand, so too do San Antonio and tacos. And amidst all the #tacowar going on between San Anto and Austin, we’re just here enjoying tacos while wearing our favorite taco tees. [ICYMI: Read the Austin Eater article that started it all.]

We’ve recently expanded the menu to our taco tee line. While our bean & cheese tee remains a popular pick for locals, many of you have asked for more tacos. And we don’t blame you because, well, tacos are *insert bomb emoji*! So we released chorizo & egg, potato & egg, and bacon & egg tees. But there are other tacos we hold dear to our hearts too ― like barbacoa. What are some of your other taco favorites?   

In the spirit of all this recent taco talk, we decided to pay homage to San Antonio’s love for wrapping delicious ingredients in a tortilla by highlighting some of our favorite places in SA to grab a taco or three. This list is by no means exhaustive of the great restaurants and tacos to be had in our city (or else, we’d be here all day).

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Where are some of your favorite places around the city to grab a taco? Know where to get the best carne guisada, chorizo & egg, barbacoa, or any other taco? Want us to check out your favorite spot? Let us know in the comments below!  

Now,  let's taco ‘bout some of San Antonio’s classics!

Lupita’s Mexican Restaurant (5923 Culebra Rd.)

Lupita’s has always had a special place in our hearts and stomachs since the time of our childhoods. It’s a staple restaurant in the west side and one that we like to frequent when we get the chance. If you haven’t been to Lupita’s yet, do your belly a favor and try their carne guisada taco, which, if you remember, topped our list for the best carne guisada taco IN THE WORLD.  

Our favorites: carne guisada; tripas (extra crispy, please); picadillo; potato & egg

Roy’s Taco Hut (2 locations: 246 W Old US Highway 90, and 6211 San Pedro Ave)

Clockwise from Top: Lupita's Mexican Restaurant (photo: Barbacoapparel archives); Los Robertos Taco Shop (photo: www.facebook.com/LosRobertosIngram); El Milagrito Cafe (photo: www.facebook.com/elmilagrito); Tacos Martinez (photo: www.facebook.com/Tacos-Martinez-131552956877313); Roy's Taco Hut (photo: Barbacoapparel archives)  

Everything's bigger in Texas, including the tacos at Roy’s Taco Hut (two of their tacos usually do me in, but I’ve seen others take out more). Roy’s is another westside favorite and serves some of the best tacos in San Antonio. The food won’t leave you disappointed, and neither will the portions.  

Our favorites: carne guisada (with cheese); barbacoa; steak a la Mexicana  

Los Robertos Taco Shop (3 locations: 6446 NW Loop 410, 226 W. Bitters Rd. #118, and 3111 TPC Parkway #101)

If you haven’t been to Los Robertos Taco Shop, then you might need to make a trip soon, like, yesterday (We suggest their location on Bitters). The tacos and burritos are excellent, and Los Robertos also serves up a good carne asada with fries as a side dish.

Our favorites: mini tacos; bean & cheese & bacon; carne asada; grilled chicken

Tacos Martinez (5034 W Commerce St.)

Tacos Martinez is a hidden gem on the west side (though probably not-so-hidden these days). I hold many fond memories of the cafeteria-style restaurant from when I was a kid (before I was able to see over the wall that forms the line to the servers), so visiting Tacos Martinez always brings out the childhood nostalgia for me.

Our favorites: picadillo; potato & egg; papas con chorizo; chile relleno

El Milagrito Cafe (521 E Woodlawn Ave)

El Milagrito is a great spot any time of day, but nothing beats breakfast or lunch on the weekends at this restaurant. The staff are always friendly and the food is nothing short of exceptional all around. The restaurant has recently expanded to accommodate the large crowds, but, if some waiting was needed, the food is certainly worth it.

Our favorites: barbacoa; bean & cheese; beef/chicken fajitas; carne guisada