5 Puro Halloween Costumes You Need in Your Life

5 Puro Halloween Costumes You Need

Is it just me or is anyone else freaking out that it’s already October? We’re less than three months shy of 2017! I’m not ready for the Holidays ― not quite yet, anyway. I need time to enjoy this weather transition and those crisp fall mornings and nights. And haunted houses. And reruns of Halloween comedies like Hocus Pocus and horror classics like Halloween and Poltergeist, all of which are about to be on heavy rotation this month. I could go on, but I think I've made my point. I really love October!   

I couldn't think of a better way to kick off October than with a tribute to some of the most puro San Antonio Halloween costumes out there! Here are five Halloween costumes that make us all happy it’s finally October in San Antonio!

Fideo Box

I think we can all agree that fideo, the delicious pasta many of us in San Antonio grew up eating since our childhoods, is the absolute bringer of warmth and happiness. And the iconic yellow box these days has become like a cultural symbol among locals. Walk into any Halloween party dressed as the fideo box and you are guaranteed to be the hit of the party. Just be sure there’s plenty of ya to go around, eh? 

The Donkey Lady

My absolute favorite of San Antonio’s urban legends, the Donkey Lady is especially relevant this time of year, and it’s only right we keep her legacy alive. (Or dead?) You may have seen the donkey head masks at various Halloween pop-up stores, but this costume was created by a teenager right here in San Antonio, who did an excellent ― and quite creepy ― job too! It’s as puro as it gets. 

La Llorona

Who remembers being a kid when your tío or grandma first told you the story about La Llorona, the weeping woman who can be heard roaming along the river where she drowned her own children? Sure, you didn’t know at the time that the story was a tactic to keep you from misbehaving (Siguele!), but would you have taken your chances back then? Nope! La Llorona has plagued the hearts of children for decades ― thanks to good old-fashioned storytelling ― and continues to be a hot topic during this time of year. But how do you know when an urban legend has really made the big time? Well, when American Apparel decides to give said urban legend a nod in one of their DIY Halloween costume guides.


Let’s just say that timing is everything on this one. With the announcement of Morrissey coming to San Antonio in November, Halloween would be the perfect occasion to evoke your inner Moz as you get pumped for the upcoming show ― if you were lucky enough to snag tickets before selling out in mere minutes, that is. Plus, there’s that whole stereotype that Mexican Americans love some Morrissey. I’m not going to say it’s true, pero, I do love me some Smiths/Morrissey! 

Taco Baby

OK, so hear me out. This would’ve been a great costume idea for an adult had the tortilla towel not been sold out. However, here’s another cool alternative. You can dress your baby in this cute tortilla baby swaddle blanket and, to get the full effect, pair it with our Bean & Cheese onesie and BAM! ― you have yourself a taco baby. Pretty darn cute, right? Best. Baby Halloween costume. Ever.    

What do you think about these puro Halloween costumes? Would you wear one of these for Halloween? Would you dress your baby up as a mini-taco? Hit us up in the comments and let us know!