Daniel Johnston at the Paper Tiger

Daniel Johnston is one of the most influential songwriters you’ve probably never heard of, and he’s performing at the Paper Tiger this week.

My first introduction to the living legend was in 2006 when I saw the emotional, award-winning documentary The Devil and Daniel Johnston. (Although currently not streaming on Netflix, you can check out a copy on DVD from the San Antonio Public Library!)

  Kurt Cobain wearing Daniel Johnston. Image from   here  .

Kurt Cobain wearing Daniel Johnston. Image from here.

Up until then, I had only driven past the Hi, How Are You mural in Austin (an image that was famously seen on Kurt Cobain in the early '90s and helped to catapult Johnston's career) and heard the Eels’ cover of “Living Life.” But I had no idea who was responsible for both works and that said hero lived within stalking distance! (Note to readers: I haven't stalked him, but it's cool to know I could if I were so inclined he's a Texan by choice.)

But seriously, The Devil and Daniel Johnston does not disappoint. It's a whimsical, heartbreaking film jam-packed with archived footage and recordings captured by Johnston throughout his life and masterfully pieced together by director Jeff Feuerzeig.

With a career that's spanned over three decades (producing 18 studio albums, 3 live albums, and loads of side projects and collaborations), Daniel Johnston has definitely earned his place in rock 'n' roll history.

  Daniel Johnston. Photo from   here  .

Daniel Johnston. Photo from here.

Take a listen to some of BarbacoApparel's favorite Daniel Johnston tunes and be sure to catch him at the Paper Tiger this Thursday, August 20! Also, if you missed his exhibit earlier this year, be sure to check out some of Daniel Johnston's "outsider" artwork on Fl!ght Gallery's Facebook page.