She's Crafty—SA's Newest Podcast About Beer

The Lone Star state has been having a love affair with beer forever. And who can blame us? The sudsy beverage, which has been around as early as 10,000 B.C.E., has been making appearances at social gatherings for generations!

It’s hard to imagine any kind of true Texan event without a cold one at hand.  With thousands of years to create and perfect unique beers, small brewers are growing in number and their concoctions are gaining popularity with experts and novices alike.

By churning out limited batches of craft beers, independent breweries are making the drinking experience special for consumers. To quote, [e]ach glass displays the creativity and passion of its maker and the complexity of its ingredients. Craft beer is treasured by millions around the world who see it as not merely a fermented beverage, but something to be enjoyed in moderation, shared and revered. It is a versatile beverage that not only enhances food when paired, but is also often brought into the kitchen as a cooking ingredient.”

Two San Antonio women are celebrating everyone’s favorite amber libation this summer with She's Crafty Podcast—a podcast for craft beer lovers. You don’t have to be a beer aficionado to tune in, just someone who appreciates the good stuff.

  Catherine (left) and Brandi (right) holding BarbacoApparel's latest beer-friendly print

Catherine (left) and Brandi (right) holding BarbacoApparel's latest beer-friendly print

We sat down with the show’s creators, local comedienne Brandi Dunagan and BarbacoApparel's Catherine Contreras, to talk about the city’s newest podcast.

  She's Crafty: SA's newest podcast all about beer

She's Crafty: SA's newest podcast all about beer

BarbacoApparel (BA): So tell us a little bit about She’s Crafty.

Brandi (BD): I think She’s Crafty is honestly for the average beer lover, but the beer lover that actually wants to learn more about their beer and appreciates their beer . . . [and] isn’t a snob. [W]e enjoy coming to a place like Hoppy Monk and [trying] a little bit of this and a little bit of that . . . but we can still go floating on the river and drink Lone Star and be happy as clams.

BA: I’m no beer expert at all. What’s the difference between regular beer and craft beer, and what’s so special about it?

BD: I think the main difference is like going to Walmart or Target and buying a shirt or going online to BarbacoApparel and buying a shirt. Are you going to support [the] local community and people who are actually building a business and have values, or are you going to do like me on a Saturday on the river and drink Lone Star? And of course [craft beer] tastes better!

Catherine (CC): It’s definitely richer and fuller.

BA: How did you get into craft beer? What inspired you to start a podcast about this liquid gold?

BD: (Laughs.) My time is very important to me, and craft beer has a very high alcohol percentage . . . if I’m going to get drunk, I need to get drunk fast.

CC: What’s better than drinking beers with a friend and having someone record it and talk about it and learn about it?

BA: In terms of research, how do you prepare (or how do you plan to prepare) for a recording session?

CC: We [did] brainstorming, and [came] up with an outline.

BA: So are y’all going to have talking points during the podcast?

BD: Yes, we’re hoping to do it seamlessly enough—it’s more “go with the flow” [so] people feel like they’re part of making the sequence happen . . .  

BA: Obviously you’re going to be talking about beer. Have you thought of any games or activities for the premiere?

BD: Yes, we have some new trivia stuff planned . . . we have a fun possible movie game! “If They Only Had a Beer.” How could you change the fate of a movie by giving the main character a beer?

BA: Like Shawshank Redemption. He would have never gotten out [of prison].

BD: I know—he would’ve just been a happy drunk.

CC: He would have just been hanging out.

BA: Maybe Brooks wouldn’t have killed himself. (Everyone pouts.)

BD: Aww! See? Go beer!

BA: So I’m taking it that you’ve sampled a lot of beer. What’s your most embarrassing drunk moment?

CC: There are so many. Okay, well this is not counting getting pregnant . . . I threw up on a crowd of people one time over a wall in South Padre during spring break. . . . [T]here was a guy with a camera—this was before Youtube or anything like that. He had like a real camera, and it had a little tape in it. And he was like, “This is why you don’t get drunk in South Padre,” and I was like “What else do you do?”

BA: Brandi, you want to share any embarrassing moments with us?

BD: Um, there are soooo many, so I don’t know if this is my most embarrassing moment, but the first one that popped in my head [was] my junior year of high school. I drank with my friend Monique, and Monique could throw them back. We’d go to keg parties . . . and by the end of the party, I was throwing up on my brand new shoes—my [suede!] Sketchers—in the back of the party, a little corner in the dark. I was puking, and this guy comes up and starts rubbing my back. I stand up and this [guy] tries to kiss me right after I threw up!

CC: It was Bill Cosby.

BD: It must have been Bill Cosby.

BA: This question goes out to both Brandi and Catherine. What are your top 3 favorite craft beers for the Summer of 2015?

  1. Karbach's Staycation—that one is actually one of the first craft beers in a can that I actually could go tubing on the river and drink. If I’m going to be out in the sun for 5 hours at a time, sometimes you can’t have real heavy beers. This one’s super smooth and it’s nice and I’ve totally tested it out!
  2. Ranger Creek's Love Struck Hefe
  3. Freetail's Razzy Wheat
  Catch live recordings of the She's Crafty Podcast at the Hoppy Monk in San Antonio

Catch live recordings of the She's Crafty Podcast at the Hoppy Monk in San Antonio

BA: What are some of the best places in town to grab a drink?

BA: So the Hoppy Monk will be home base for She’s Crafty’s recordings. Can anybody attend the tapings?

BD: Anybody can come; anybody is welcome. If you’ve got a 10-year-old, give them a fake ID.

BA: [And finally], aside from She’s Crafty, what podcasts should San Antonio be listening to?

  1. Comedia A Go-Go's Public Axis
  2. Almost Related
  3. InterBrews

Join the She’s Crafty chicks for the live premiere of their podcast at 6:00 p.m. this Sunday, July 26, at the Hoppy Monk!

For your downloading pleasure, find their podcast on iTunes and Tasty Podcast Network.

And for updates on special events and future live recordings, like/follow She’s Crafty on ALL the social media: FB, IG, Twitter, G+