Maverick Music Festival

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I was in high school when one of my biggest crushes introduced me to Cake. He lent me Fashion Nugget on CD, and it changed my life (albeit 5 years after its initial release). But whatever—the songs were (and continue to be) timeless and they spiced up my bus ride to school. Most importantly, though, the gesture convinced me he secretly loved me, too, and we were going to be happy forever helped broaden my musical interests.

When I learned Cake was coming to San Antonio for the third installment of Maverick Music Festival, you better believe I was excited. While this isn’t the first time the band visits the Alamo City, it is the first time other acts from this year’s roster come down. Visit the SA Current to see the full lineup and find out where and when each act performs!

Maverick 2014, courtesy of Richard.

So What's Maverick?

Maverick is San Antonio’s first independent music festival. The two-day event takes place in historic La Villita where bands perform in one of three stages: Main Stage, Juarez Stage, and Arneson River Theatre. The intimate setting creates a truly unique experience for performers and attendees alike, highlighting the grounds of one of SA’s first neighborhoods.

For those of you who may not be familiar with all the performers this year, the BarbacoApparel crew’s got you covered with a little blurb about artists we’re excited to see.


Nydia's Most Excited About . . .

WAVVES. I am a sucker for punk and all its subgenres. Nothing beats the devil-may-care attitude, brevity, and excitement punk offers—it’s musical candy. I came across Wavves’ Afraid of Heights in 2013. Knowing nothing about the band but liking the album artwork, I played a few songs. That was it; I was hooked. The album is catchy and reminiscent of the ‘90s, which always pulls at my heartstrings. Tracks like “Sail to the Sun” and “Lunge Forward” soon found their way on a number of my playlists, and Afraid of Heights has been on heavy rotation ever since. For a quick sampling of their style, listen to “Paranoid.”

Wavves will be performing on the Main Stage Saturday, April 11, at 5:30 p.m.

 Wavves. Courtesy of  Facebook .

Wavves. Courtesy of Facebook.

 The Bolos. Courtesy of  Facebook .

The Bolos. Courtesy of Facebook.

Richard's Most Excited About . . .

THE BOLOS. Hailing from the Alamo City—and San Antonio Music Awards 2014 Current's Choice—the Bolos are a raw confluence of garage rock and punk and blues. The band recently released an EP in March titled Mercy, with tracks like "Disowned" and "Sugar Hands" providing plenty of head-banging beats. Check out "Dead this Morning" from their 2014 Booze Blues album.

The Bolos will be playing on the Main Stage Friday, April 10, at 5:15 p.m.

 Cake. Courtesy of  Facebook .

Cake. Courtesy of Facebook.

Matt's Most Excited About . . .

CAKE. Formed in 1991 and hailing from Sacramento, California, Cake is an alternative rock band most recognized for their big hits “I Will Survive” and “Short Skirt Long Jacket.” Their unique sound is a funky mix of country, blues, pop, synth, mariachi, and anything else you can throw in the pot. Their latest album, Showroom of Compassion, combines lead singer John McCrea’s sarcastic, sing/talk voice with distorted riffs, complex patterns, and, of course, the trumpet. Take a listen to "The Distance" to see what I'm talking about and be sure to catch them live this weekend.

Cake will be playing on the Main Stage Saturday, April 11, at 8:05 p.m.

BarbacoApparel will be set up both days at Maverick Music Festival. Swing by our booth between acts!