BarbacoApparel Turns 1 Year Old!

Greetings, BarbacoApparel enthusiasts! Welcome to our new blog.

If we haven’t already met in person, let me introduce you to the team. Nydia, Matt, and I are three friends who also happen to work together as full‐time editors. We started BarbacoApparel in 2014—primarily as a creative outlet but also as a way to interact with locals and celebrate San Antonio's unique culture. We wanted people to see our work and find themselves transported to a different moment in time—to the first time they heard the legend of the Donkey Lady, to the first time Grandma fed them a hot bowl of Fideo. For those of you who are new to San Antonio and don’t necessarily share these memories, don't fret; you'll learn about the things that make this city home in no time!

Our first year was so much fun thanks to you and your support! As a start-up business, we had plenty to learn, and each event—from our very first at the Foundation Family Fun Fest to our last with Mujeres Mercado at Main Plaza—provided invaluable lessons. With this knowledge, we're cooking up new designs, lining up big events, and branching out to nearby cities like Austin.

And now for the big news: BarbacoApparel turns one this month! As a token of our appreciation, we're doing several prize giveaways in March that you won't want to miss! So check back soon for more details! In the meantime feel free to share your stories about your favorite BarbacoApparel designs via e-mail: barbaco.apparel@gmail.com. Who knows? We just might share your experience.

Adios, amigos!

Richard and the BarbacoApparel crew