5 Reasons You Should Get the Hell Out with Comedia A Go-Go


On Thursday night at the Guadalupe Cultural Art Center we were thrilled to get the opportunity to screen the new short film Get the Hell Out. This new comedy/thriller short film is produced, directed, and starred in by none other than our very good friends Comedia A Go-Go. So, grab some popcorn and a bible, because Get the Hell Out is gonna take you on an exorcism adventure like you’ve never had before and here are five reasons you should go along for the ride:

  1. It’s funny. I mean, who doesn’t like to laugh?  I had no idea demons and saving souls could be so hilarious. In typical Comedia A Go-Go fashion, Larry, Regan, and Jess surprise us with witty banter and side splitting shenanigans.
  2. It’s just the right amount of scary. This little thriller leaves you with just the right amount of creep factor. Instead of dreading the next “scary” scene, you’re looking forward to seeing the next demon-possessed victim.  
  3. There’s never a dull moment. Every minute of this tiny film is jam packed with entertainment, clever dialogue, and excellent performances.
  4. It’s local. Once again, Comedia A Go-Go highlights San Antonio by including local neighborhoods and actors in their production. How can we not support something that shows love to the best city on Earth?
  5. It leaves you wanting more. What will happen next?! We have to know?!! For a limited time, you too can laugh so hard you pee your pants out of fright. Get your own private screening of Get the Hell Out here. Enter password GiveMeTheBat